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Dostie Homebuilding Process: Step 2

Homebuilding Process: Step 2

The Design Studio appointment is arguably the most exciting step in the homebuilding process. But for some, it can be daunting. Heather Lepley, our Design Studio Manager, sat down to share some insight into the design appointment and gives us an idea of what to expect. From the exterior paint colors to the plumbing and lighting fixtures; you select it all during the Design Studio appointment. 

At Dostie Homes, we are a semi-custom builder. But, what does that mean exactly? The number of selections we have available within our design center are vast. For example, instead of choosing from 3-4 color packages for the exterior of your home, we can give you essentially any color within the Sherwin Williams paint color line up. The same applies to many of the brand product partnerships we have available within the rest of the design studio. 

For more information and questions about our design studio, please reach out to one of our new home sales consultants. 

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