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BiltRite Quality Construction Inspection Program

BiltRite: Quality Construction Inspection Program

Buying a new home can be a stressful time in your life. The last thing you need to worry about is the quality of your home construction. That’s why Dostie Homes has invested in BiltRite’s quality assurance program. This program helps to give you peace of mind knowing that a third-party has inspected the home and addressed any issues directly with the homebuilder – before you even have your new home orientation!


What is the BiltRite Quality Assurance Program?

The QA Program provides ultimate assurance of consistent quality verifying that:

  • All components of your home have been inspected and found to be in compliance with accepted National Construction Quality Standards. Areas inspected include: functional systems, building envelope, general fit and finish.
  • Your home has been inspected and verified to be free from moisture intrusion and water leaks.
  • All contract options have been verified to have been installed according to contract documents.


Also, as an owner of a BiltRite Quality Home, you qualify for membership in the BiltRite Homeowner Network. Your initial annual membership has been prepaid by Dostie Homes. This network is an online resource that can help you protect your home by providing:

  • Educational newsletters with information including seasonal maintenance tips, design trends, home improvement ideas and more.
  • E-prompt reminders for specific tasks recommended to maintain best conditions.
  • Logging and archiving of maintenance tasks, repairs, upgrades and improvements for resale and insurance purposes.
  • Home network help desk for FAQ’s and resource links on home maintenance topics.


So don’t stress, thinking the builder doesn’t have your best interest at heart. We do! We want you to fully enjoy the investment you just made in yourself and your family and start living in your dream home!


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